"As the world continues to struggle with conflict and violence, it is imperative that we teach the youngest and most impressionable members of our society how to create peace.  As a parent and an educator, I feel that we are responsible for teaching the value of empathy, kindness, and respect. I Speak Peace does just that and is exactly what our world needs right now.  It is a must-have resource for parents, educators, and children to launch this very important discussion.  I use this book in my classroom and in my own home. Children and adults alike will embrace this book’s very powerful message.  I Speak Peace will help to make the world a better place."  -Kate Byrne, Elementary School Teacher and Mother

"Speaking peace helped my class get into our calm "green zone" for learning.  We learned that peace is a language that we can ALL speak."    -Katherine Wisniewski, age 8

"I Speak Peace sends a heartwarming message of acceptance and tolerance to children young and old. Kate Carroll is a well- loved educator who goes beyond teaching reading, writing, and math. She understands the value of teaching the whole child and the lasting impact it has on society. I Speak Peace is a must read for all people everywhere."    -Nicole M. Gallant M.Ed., C.A.G.S., Special Education Administrator and Mother

"I Speak Peace is a book the world has been waiting for!  As a school counselor, I am always looking for books to share with students to illustrate a message of kindness and caring. Kate Carroll shares this message in a most inspiring and gentle way to empower children to let peace begin with them.  This book educates and encourages children to speak peace through simple everyday ways that make a profound impact on themselves and the world around them.   Families and schools alike need this message now more than ever.  This book should be on every elementary classroom shelf to spread the message of peace to children (and grown-ups) everywhere."     -Sarah Pond, Elementary School Counselor

"A beautiful homage to the essence of peace. A book in which children and adults will find meaning, inspiration and reason to take action to create a peaceful world."  - Margaret Grimes, Mother and Educator

"I Speak Peace helps young children explore and understand the concept and importance of peace. It begins by introducing the practice of mindfulness through the simple and effective technique of using our breath to focus on our thoughts. It encourages children to become aware and tolerant of diversity while recognising that we all share common needs, especially to belong and to be loved, as well as a shared responsibility to look after each other and our world. In simple but powerful words and illustrations, author Kate Carroll and illustrator Rainer M. Osinger show the practical and important ways peaceful and respectful relationships can be built and maintained."     - Beverley Paine, The Educating Parent